Wednesday and Thursday

I did run on Wednesday at lunch with Marty… I guess if you listened to the Voicepost, that is old news huh? Well, we ran it in 37:14, which was over a 10 minute mile. I think we ran very slowly at the start and that attributed to the slower pace. I did have my Vitruvian shoes with my Powerstep Insert. Oh crap was that painful!! I could tell that stride was more on my forefoot than my heel, so that is good I guess, but after the run, my knees where killing me. They actually felt swollen. I think that I will have to wear the inserts even more gradually than a 3.6 mile jaunt and I WON’T wear them for the marathon.

I think I am going to post some pictures on some of my Race Rituals. I contributed to the podcast Phedippidations on Episode #28 , Race Rituals about some of the things that I do before a marathon. And on that subject… I have no idea what I am going to do about nutrition before the race. The typical thing to do is to have a pasta rich dinner the night before and I have thought that I would have some Lo Mien noodles, but don’t know. I have to think about that a little more, perhaps, a craving will makes it’s way by that time.

Today, I went to our friend’s house to scope out his Love Sack… no, really. It’s a ‘bean bag on steroids’… it’s huge. It was more of a “If you want it, PLEASE… take it… PLEASE”, there was a slight problem with it and they called the company and got a new one. This one was just causing clutter at their house and will solve a problem at our house! Win-Win.


Calories Consumed 7490
Number Purchased 38 2 3
Number Consumed 34 2 3
Cals per serv 170 egg 570 box 190 egg

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