Red Tape and Drugs

So when I went to pickup my celebrex on Friday, I was in for a little shock:

“This drug isn’t covered by your insurance”
“What’s the price?”
“For 30 tablets, $114.00”
“uhhhh, no thanks… I’ll call my insurance company”

The rest of the story:
Turns out that you can’t have Celebrex without have gone through a gamet of other drugs. Who knew??? Also, the website for my insurance company had no list of what drugs that need prior authorization. Thank Goodness that my Podiatrist office is so friendly. I probably will either get the drug in the next few days or something else. Until then I can just take advil.



I bought a pair of Powerstep Pinnacle inserts from the New Balance store… thank goodness I had a coupon because they were $37.99 retail price. Yuck! That’s more than the running shoes I am using. I wore them at home on Saturday, and they really seemed to help take the pressure off my foot. The questions is (and the answer is probably “no”) whether I wear them during the marathon or not.


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