And the winner is RACHEL from Running into a Brick Wall with her comment:

Your foot issues sound a lot like mine, and the doc said I had tendonitis. With icing, ibuprof, and a few days (4?) of rest my foot felt a lot better. It’s still sore from time to time but I’m trying to wear really comfy shoes which helps a LOT!


The prognosis from the doctor was a good one for me. You know all this time I have been talking about my running stride and posting pictures of my shoes… yup, that accompanied with the quick increase in mileage [plus getting older] all culminated to a tendinitis party in my left foot. There is a tendon that wraps around the ankle and grabs the 5th metatarsal (outsize foot bone) and is the main control for that part of the foot. Incidentally, there is not a whole lot of stuff down in the foot in terms of muscles.

So where does this leave me? Well, it leaves me exactly where I started today… I need to keep doing RICE and NSAIDs. I know you military types are loving all the Acronyms! RICE is just Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation, the good-ole injury maintenance methodology. The NSAIDS is non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which is tylenol or advil, but he wrote me a prescription for Celebrex which I probably will take. He also wants me to get some over the counter orthotics inserts to see how they work out. Since my stride puts too much stress in a lateral motion (suplination or under-pronation) he wants to try to find something that will help me to pronate correctly or at least try. So I need to go and get some… I won’t weat them for the marathon since they will be new, but when I see the doc in a month, I know whether I should get custom orthotics.

The game plan? Swim tomorrow. Run Saturday. Rest Sunday. Run Monday. Swim Tuesday. Run Wednesday. Run Thursday. Rest Friday. Rest Saturday. Marathon Sunday. This is totally subject to change of course… but we will see. I need to go make out a marathon checklist.


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