Due to the fact that Jen and I were going to a financial workshop on Saturday morning, I moved my long run from Saturday to Sunday. It actually wasn’t a bad move because it gave me one extra rest day from my 22 miler the week before and it gave what ever my foot was doing to heal. So… just before 5:00 am EST, I awoke for some coffee, PB bagel, a sit on the “throne” and suit up in all the garb that I needed for the day. The Weather Channel was not very promising in the whole temperature department for Sunday morning. It would, in fact, get COLDER as the early morning went. I made it out the door around 5:30 am or so in the pitch black. I try to stand out to motorized vehicles while I am running and there is only a small amount of time that I am not on sidewalks/greenways. I have some reflective material that are parts of the water carrier and my Road ID. I also have a red blinking reflective “thing” that I can clip on and be scene.


So I started out and the weather was about 32 degrees according to the Weather Channel and I was actually dressed not as warmly as I usually do for this temperature as an “experiment” on how layers would affect my running. The first 3 miles were very uneventful, I did not encounter anything strange nor scary, although my shadow did make me do a double take once! At mile 3 there is a short greenway that I run which is covered with trees and it was semi-difficult to see the greenway in front of me. I could make the greenway out and I knew where I was going, but if something had jumped out at me, I would have been done.

Nothing exciting happened until mile ~5.5 when what I thought was gas, turned out NOT to be gas. Since I wore a waist pack that carries my water bottle, money and mobile phone, the strap pushes on my lower stomach. To keep this from bouncing as I run, the strap is usually snug and therefore causes pressure on the stomach. This in turn makes it feel like gas. So, I thought it was gas… It was most definitely NOT gas. Now, when I am in the situation – as a runner – there are a number of different options that you can do. Luckily enough for me about a quarter mile ahead was a McDonalds which I could, in the privacy of a stall, make amend with my body. I was not thinking that I could make it… I essentially had to walk like a penguin to make it to McDonalds and thankfully enough, there was a happy ending to the story. So, you can see that my Mile 5 was a little slower than the others… that is why. And with a new outlook, mile 6 was faster!

I made it to the turnaround, hence the previous post and was on my way back with little fanfare. I ran back by the Waffle House to see a new set of customers. The digital billboard thermometer had shown an increase in temperature to 31, up from 29 degrees just a few miles earlier. I felt slower as I ran, but my split times didn’t really tell that tale. I was surprised that I would even walk 30 second and still have a good time for that mile, a really good time. I didn’t even stretch because my legs were tired but not sore.

I was probably most surprised at mile 12 because during this mile, I have to cross two entrances, one to a church area and one to a shopping area PLUS two crosswalk. Going out, is not a problem because it is still dark and desolate but on the way back, there is alot more traffic. Despite have to veer off course at the church area and wait briefly for the crosswalks, I still had less than a 10:00 minute mile. I took the last mile, the one in my subdivision, easier although faster than last week. Part of this was because I was not as tired and although I still had to walk at certain places, I was able to run slowly this week where I walked last week. I was happy about that. I took a Pro-Boom Recovery Gel when I got home and my legs have not bee sore at ALL! I am very happy about that and even today they are not sore. Now my foot… that is a different problem and a different post!

So, I had a great 16 mile run. I will be going in the Taper on wednesday… more on that later for my non-running friends. Saturday will only be 13, yeah… I said “only” 🙂

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.0 1.0 8:55 8:55 &nbsp
2 1.0 2.0 9:02 17:57 &nbsp
3 1.0 3.0 9:26 27:23 &nbsp
4 1.0 4.0 9:43 37:06 Carb-Boom
5 1.0 5.0 9:07 46:13 &nbsp
6 1.0 6.0 10:09 56:22 &nbsp
7 1.0 7.0 8:39 1:05:01 &nbsp
8 1.0 8.0 9:09 1:14:10 Carb-Boom, turnaround, voicepost
9 1.0 9.0 8:56 1:23:06 &nbsp
10 1.0 10.0 9:09 1:32:15 &nbsp
11 1.0 11.0 9:18 1:41:33 &nbsp
12 1.0 12.0 8:48 1:50:21 Carb-Boom
13 1.0 13.0 9:56 2:00:17 &nbsp
14 1.0 14.0 9:03 2:09:20 &nbsp
15 1.0 15.0 8:49 2:18:09 9:13 average pace for 15 miles
16 1.0 16.0 11:20 2:29:29 &nbsp

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