February Running Recap

02/18 Strawplains Half Marathon Strawberry Plains, TN 1:58:56

94.0 Miles in 14 different sessions. 9 of the sessions were during Lunch Time. 1 was an organized race: Strawplains Half Marathon. 3 were at other places around Knoxville and 1 was on the treadmill.

2006 Total Mileage:
143.5 miles for the year. Highest February total since 1999. Had there been 30 days in February I would have been able to break the 100 mark.

Upcoming Races:
03/26 Covenant Health 2nd Annual Knoxville Marathon (Knoxville, TN) Goal Time 4:15:00
04/08 Spring Sprint 5k (Alcoa, Tn) Goal Time 24:30
04/23 Trideltathon Sprint Triathlon (400m, 6 miles, 3 miles) (Knoxville, TN) Goal Time NYD
04/30 Mastercraft Mile Goal Time:6:30
05/06 Run for the Deaf 5k (Knoxville, TN) Goal TimeTBD
05/27 Expo 10kk In Memoriam: Grandma Varney (Knoxville, TN) Goal Time sub 50min
(indicates potential Personal Record for distance)


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