Monday Rest Saturday Pix

I had to run a few errands today at lunch, so it worked out that I went ahead and took today off. Now, tomorrow is a SPECIAL day for me, so I had to make sure that I get a run in tomorrow. More on that… well, tomorrow!

okay, I figured out the pictures. I am trying to shake my dependence on Adobe Photoshop and switch to The Gimp. The Gimp is an open source photo editing software that is about or the same as Photoshop, but with out the hundred of dollar price tag. I was running into some differential problems between what I know about Photoshop and the on-the-fly learning with The Gimp. Soooooooo… ladies and germs, without delay the pictures from Saturday




I ended up lancing it Saturday night and like a good runner, I used a safety pin to drain it! Ignore the ugly toes.

I left a bottle of Gatorade in the brush for later at mile 4. So, I got caught when I hid the bottle AND when I picked it up I also caught my shirt in the barbs as well. I mean, it had been over 2 hours since I had been there…

Cut out of me after the run. I was pretty tired afterwards and ate just about a whole rack of ribs at lunch. The only reason that I didn’t eat the whole thing is that I had to share.


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