An Update

If you remember back to Oct 21, 2005 I mentioned that I was applying for sponsorship for the Team Elite by Powerbar

Here is the response from an email on 2/23/06:

Thank you so much for your application to PowerBar Team Elite™

We have enjoyed reading each and every inspiring application we received. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your enthusiasm and loyalty to our products, your athletic drive and your interest in PowerBar Team Elite™. All of our athletes/coaches/teams are important to us, whether on Team Elite as official brand ambassadors or out there in the sports arena training, competing and instructing.

Unfortunately, with a competitive pool of over 4,500 applications, we had to make some tough decisions. We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a spot on PowerBar Team Elite™ 2006-2007. Letter notification has also been sent to you via U.S. Mail along with a box of PowerBars to help you with your training. Thank you for taking the time and energy to apply to our program and we wish you the best of luck this year.

We would ALSO love to continue our relationship with you. We would like to offer you the unique opportunity to join the PowerBar PowerPanel!

But WAIT… there is MORE.

After my long run on Saturday, Jen left to meet one of her customers. She called shortly afterwards and said that FedEx had left a package in the garage. That package was address to me… and I wondered what I had “ordered” that would have arrived by FedEx on a Saturday. Inside were 2 things… this letter:


and a box of 12 PowerBar Performance (the original) bars. Now, Apple Cinnamon is not my favorite flavor, but who I am to snub my nose at $16.80 retail or $11.06 WMD (Wal-Mart Dollars)

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