Do or Die

Okay, so tomorrow is DO or DIE! It will be my only 20+ mile long run of this marathon training campaign. I will have to look but it will not be the first marathon that I have had one or less 20+ long runs. The purpose of the long run is to acustom your body to the fatigue of running the marathon. 20 miles is a good round number that is typically used to mark the distance at which you might experience, “The Wall”, which is nothing more than your body running out of the easy energy it needs to perform the work that you are asking it to do.

Marathon Number of 20+ runs Mile # of Wall Time Comments
Richmond 1999 0 mile 17 4:15 Although no 20 miler, I did have a 17 mile trail run then a 30k the week after
Richmond 2000 0 mile 19 4:18 Again, no 20 miler, but a 17.5 mile run and 18 mile run within 2 weeks of each other
Myrtle 2001 2 (26.2, 22) mile 24 4:23 The first 20+ was the 2000 Richmond marathon, the other was a 22 miler 13 days out from race day
Richmond 2001 1 (26) No Wall 4:09 Current PR The 26 mile training run with a friend with TNT and was 6 weeks out, I did do a 17.5 mile run 6 days later
Mardi Gras 2002 1 (26.2) mile 22 4:38 The 26.2 mile training run was the Richmond Marathon and was 14 weeks out from race day, This was a marathon out of opportunity. I only had 38 miles the 6 weeks before race day, 13 miles of which was a half marathon the week before.
Richmond Marathon 2002 0 mile 18 4:27 The only significant long run was a 17 miler 3.5 weeks out.
Virginia Creeper 2003 0 No wall 4:57 The only significant long run was a 30k 4 weeks out. Race condition were such they warranted a slow pace for me
Myrtle Beach 2005 1 (22.5) mile 20 4:45 I was actually using this as a training run for KNoxville 2005, but I got pneumonia and had to DNS

Here is my run for tomorrow, an 11 miler out-and-back course with Weigels (East TN 7-11s) and Pilot Gas Stations strategically located. I should be on greenways for the first 6 and last 6 of the run and should be well protected from vehicular traffic.


Current weather looks good, in the 40s – that means shorts and not Almost Tights, probably 2 LS Coolmax shirts w/o a Jacket. Probably will need a hat, maybe gloves for the first part of the run. Looking for a 9:45ish average pace and that will put me home around 9:30 if I can leave by 5:45.



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