Poor Running Form

I have posted here and on many Running Forums that I have a bad running form. I am a heel striker that instead of pronating (turning foot inward during stride), I suplinate (heel, then side of foot, then ball of foot). So what happens is that I totally destroy the heel of my shoes well before the rest of the shoe is worn out. Most people can get 300 or so miles out of their running shoes before they are no longer good for running. They are usually transfered to yardwork duty or even donated to the needy. I got my new Vitruvian shoes in the mail yesterday and I was shocked that my current pair were already worn out. Now, I went to my other shoes here at work and sure enough, they too were in worse shape, so really the Vitruvian hold us just like the Big Running Shoe Companies. I have taken a few picture of the shoes to show the effect that I have during running. A physical indicator of my running form… *sigh*



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  1. PodPod says:

    I am a Podiatrist working in sports medicine and biomechanics. This is a normal heel strike pattern when running due to the increased inverted angle of the foot when running compared to walking. It is a common misunderstanding that if you have heavy wear on the outside of the sole that you are a “supinator”. See a Sports Podiatrist who can recommend / prescribe a more suitable shoe for your foot.

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