Today is an early post since I have chosen to take this day as a rest day. Not because I need to recovery or anything like that, but I have errands that I am going to need and Friday is my release valve to get these done.

  • Go get fitted for a Tuxedo for April & Get measurements recorded for another Tux Rental in June
  • Go to the bank and deposit a Yard ($100) that I got from taking online surveys. I’ve probably earned a couple hundred dollars over 2 years of doing surveys. 10% off the top will go my church, the rest… I was thinking of a domain!
  • maybe go to the Kroger here to check for Gatorade Endurance Formula and of course Cadbury Eggs!

Today has actually been busy here at work. I have had to make a few phone calls and some paperwork. It’s weird because I’m not sure what to attack first… I not used to this four letter word! I’ve made it to at least the “5:30 Club” every morning this week. Mary Kay was insistent to belong to the “5 O’clock Club” which means that you start your day, everyday at 5am. There are some distinct advantages to this and I am actually very productive at the house because I don’t have to worry about the kids and as long as Jen gets her water in the morning, she’s happy. We’re trying to get her on the “6:30 club” and now that Ryan has been a little consistent on sleeping more through the night [knock on wood] that might be within reach.

Tomorrow, I will be getting up with the intention of getting out of the door at 5:30am. I have a long run scheduled for 14 miles and runs throughout my neighborhood and around Farragut. It should take me about 2hr 20min or so. The long run is intended to get my body used to the longer miles demanded by the marathon. Also, the pace of your long distance training run should be about an minute slower than you anticipated training pace. seeing that my intended pace is going to be 9 minute miles, I will try to run these long runs at a 10 minute a mile pace.

But look:

Fun Fun! Not only is going to wet but also a sizable wind strength. And why do I do these marathons?


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