Today has actually been busy. I have actually had substantial office work to do. Unfortunately it hasn't been anything very exciting or requiring some super statistical crunching, but oh well. Now that all that is over, it's time to get to some real work such as planning tomorrow's race, drafting a script for a race report I will submit to Runcast Weekly and put in my interval training in my Knoxville Marathon Training so that I have something to follow.

For tomorrow's race, I need to go get the weather so that I can plan my garb accordingly. Too much and you overheat and too little the cold is a distraction. So, I need to get all that stuff and figure out what I am going to wear and lay it out so that I am not running around the house tomorrow going crazy. Looks like it is going to 38 degrees at race start which means that I will wear shorts, and 2 LS shirt (probably both coolmax). Unfortunately, it's going to be around 33(Same As It Ever Was) degrees when I get there, so I will need sweatpants, gloves and a hat while I warmup. And it looks like it will be around 44 degrees when I finish, so I won't have to worry about shedding clothes during the race.

As you know from past posts, I have contributed to the Phedippidations podcast. Tomorrow, I am going to submit my Calhoun's Race Report to Runcast Weekly, another very fine running podcast. I am not sure when it will be added, but I am pretty sure that it will be. I will also add a voice post here tomorrow after the race, with basic details. Split times, any pictures, and a lengthier narrative will follow on Monday when the results will be available.

I am finishing up Week 8 of a 16-week training program that I created. The first 8 weeks… you could just flush down the toilet…. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! So, I have to concentrate hard on these last 8 weeks so that I can finish the marathon without being disappointed. Historically, I know that I could “finish” the marathon right now. I know enough about my ability to make sure that I could finish the marathon, but that's not really good enough. Just finishing is like at Mardi Gras Marathon 2002… I had the opportunity to run it, so I did. So what if I only had 40 miles the previous 6 weeks and 13.1 of them had been the week before. This is my home turf… I'm a local. I'm supposed to use words like “Y'all” and “Y'uns” and “what you know good” but I don't… But this is where I train… these are MY hills (We have hills in these there parts)… if you can't make it up Lake Loudon, then you just need to suck air, sucka!

So I need to do well, in fact, it may be the only time that I run the Knoxville Marathon. WHAT? That's right… I'm pretty sure that I will give up running the Knoxville Marathon in the future!!! Scared? Nah… I'd much rather give up my running shoes for a reflective vest and get out on the course during the marathon and protect the runners that are running on my turf. So, I'll volunteer for the marathon… because there would be “Darkness and Chaos without Volunteers” After all… that's what we do here in Tennessee (GO VOLS!)

On another note… one of my fellow tennessee blogger that has a running problem, Rae, is running the ING Miami Marathon this weekend. Good luck to her and the whole entourage with her.

and before I forget:
Cadbury Creme Egg Count
Eggs purchase to date: 12
Eggs consumed to date: 8

Upcoming Races:
01/28 15th Annual Calhoun's 10 miler (Lenoir City, TN) Goal Time 1:27:00
02/18 18th Annual Strawplain's 1/2 Marathon (Strawberry Plains, TN) Goal Time 1:57:45
03/26 Covenant Health 2nd Annual Knoxville Marathon (Knoxville, TN) Goal Time 4:15:00
04/23 Trideltathon Sprint Triathlon(400m, 6 miles, 3 miles)(Knoxville, TN)Goal Time:NYD
(indicates potential Personal Record for distance)


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