swimming, female parts and eggs

I had a great swim today. I broke it up into two sections. The first part was a 400m “time trial” of sorts to gage how I am doing for the Trideltathon in April. It consisted of 9 laps of the pool and I was able to do it consistently without resting (that’s the part I like the best). The second have of the workout was more just for fun relaxing type swimming. I practice my free style form, I did the breast stroke and even tried to see how far I could swim underwater. Today I only made it 2/3 of the way across. I have made it all the way across in the past. Also, I practice breathing from the other side. That is in the freestyle, there are a few different ways that you can breathe while swimming. Probably the most common way is to breathe everytime your stroke is on that side of the body.

For Example, I breathe on the right side of the body… so everytime my right arm comes out of the water, I breathe. Easy enough? Some people can breathe from both side on each stroke. And there are the people that can breathe every other stroke. I think there is some hydrodynamic advantage there, but not exactly sure. So, I am sure that I looked goofy while swimming. Especially next to some young swimmer chick who had to have been on a swim team somewhere. I’d start and she’d pass me like 10 times in a lap… okay not that much.

I ended up going 800 meters for today and tomorrow will be a rest day in preparations for Calhoun’s on Saturday.

I made an anatomically correct extension cord last night. With the right female part in hand, I was able to wire up the cord and create a working powercord! WOO HOO and just to show you that I used the correct female part… here is a picture (safe for work):


And for the Cadbury Creme Egg count

Eggs purchase to date: 8
Eggs consumed to date: 7


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