Empty Pool

I was a little sore in the hamstrings from yesterday's run, so it was a good thing that I was just swimming today. I was able to work out my legs without having to pound them into the ground. I ended up swimming around 850m or so… I don't know the exact distance but it's somewhere around there. Tomorrow, I will run around downtown and I need to call Beer Boy to see if he's available. I am pretty sure that he is going to run Calhoun's with me this saturday. In all actuality, he'll run with me and then take off at Mile 6 or so… I was going to record some of the race using an MP3 player and microphone, but the microphone won't work with the player and have to get new equipment.

Today was my semi-annual dentist visit and like usual, no cavities. I know I will put him out business before long! I'm such a horrible customer and you would think that with all the candy I eat that I would have had at least ONE cavity in all these years. What ever it might be… I'm thankful for it.

Speaking of dentists, another Kroger here in Knoxville had 2 displays of Reese's PB Eggs. Now, I like them to… but I was hankering for a Creme Egg. So, Kroger must be needing some extra displays and so are putting out their Easter stuff early early. I did see the 12oz bags of Mini-Eggs but I knew if I bought them they would be gone today and I am not quite there to buy the big bag. I think Sam's last year had like a 20 or 40 ounze bag.

Eavesdropping #2… I thought that this would be eavesdropping but when you walk into a store and are talking above normal… there's no convertness to listen to the conversation. You have no choice. You are broadcasting 1/2 of the phone conversation to all of you friends in the store (which was Subway – I forgot my lunch). Last time I blogged about this phenomenon was
here. But the conversation was “I know he's an asshole, but I like him” and I was just thinking… “oh, that's going to end pretty.”

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