Weekend Update

The weekend ended up being being much like weather… dreary.

I never made it for my long run this past week. For the marathon, that's a bad thing, because it is mileage not logged. For Calhoun's it's not all that bad of a thing because I will be more “rested” and will pursue a certain time for that race. I haven't called Beer Boy to coordinate whether or not I am going to run with him. I think that we'd be able to run an 8:00 pace for that 10 miles if we are together… if I'm running by myself, I'll be slower.

I'm thinking that I might record the Calhoun's 10 miler and send some snippets out to the podcasts that I listen to. I might even add another voice post since I have 14 of them left for the month. I have been rebuiling Da Kruza to some extent. I am synchronizing the websites with the drive, that takes some time. Sigh…

It's overcast but somewhat warm here. I will probably run today unless it's actually raining and then it will be a swim.

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Marathoner, A Terry of all trades
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