Da Kruza Kaput

Today wasn't all that bad despite the bad weather. I got up around 6. I didn't run like I wanted to but I did get to see ShootOut on the History Channel at like 3 am in the morning. That was pretty sweet. My plan was to leave for the errands at 9am… we finally made it out the door at 9:45 but I did have some fudge factor in there. So here was what we accomplished:

  • Recycled Cardboard in Lowe's parking lot
  • Bought FEMALE adapter for extension cord at Lowe's – Discovered that I did not have my Discover card and had NO idea where it was – Scary!!!
  • Went to Staples to get Easy Button – Eric runs throughout store unsupervised
  • Decided since I didn't have Discover, would pull out cash for Sam's and grocery Store
  • Forget what was on Sam's list – abandon Sam's head to Radio Shack
  • Helpful cashier at Radio Shack gives me wrong product – now must exchange at some point in time
  • Remember that I needed Ink Cartridges at Sam's but since Target had them on Sale will go to Target, Eric can Get a snack at this time – Decide to abandon going to Target and will only be 15 minutes behind schedule
  • Remember that Monday's run I had the Discover card – It's somewhere in the house or washing machine
  • Internal debate about going to Kroger when I was STARVING plus with both kids… it did work last week – Desire for Cadbury Creme Eggs clinch the deal
  • Grocery Store a HUGE success, 2 eggs secured and no Eric Meltdowns
  • Head home for lunch and naps
  • The rest of the afternoon went pretty well. Eric must have finally got what Ryan had. I must have it to because my throat is a little itchy… drinking plenty of water so it shouldn't slow me down. I did find the Discover Card, SuperCuts frequenter card and $2 safe and sound.

    At some point in time when I went to the Sony Viao to get a song, my USB drive crashed. And BAD crashed. AND it's a 1 GB… with like 800 MB worth of crap on it. Granted most of it is the four websites: the 3 of jenandterry.com plus jenhiggins.com but STILL… my calender, Shoe log, etc. I looked back at my last back-up 01-07-06… two weeks… okay, it's not that bad. Thankfully Dreamweaver can pull off the server what's new since then. So, the main problem is the photos that I had queued for the photoblog. I'll have to use my photoshop macro at work… thankfully I have preposted through Monday. SO make sure you back-up you used files regularly… funny things is that I was going to back-up tonight! Sheesh

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