Friday Swim

Well, I tried out my voice post option with my LiveJournal account. I get 15 free per month, so I might do that from time to time. What did you think?

I had a decent time in the pool today, going 1000 meters most of it freestyle. I was a little sore from Tuesday's swim and have tried to lift weight in between to actually get back to where I was in the fall. As I plan for the Trideltathon, I think my 400 meter time would be somewhere around 9:30, which is about what I did in the past. I thought that in the fall that I could do 8:00 if the swim was the first discipline (and usually is) in the triathlon, else I would be too tired to keep that pace. Again, I need to work on form. I think that will help out.

Jen is going to be in Nashville tonight and tomorrow… so the party is at my house! Regardless, in the morning, I am going to run 6-8 on the treadmills listening to Phedippidations Episode 28 – Running Rituals in the morning before the kids get up. If you listen to the podcast, you will hear me as I give a narrative on two of my premarathon running rituals.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow, Saturday, so I may just tote the kids around while I do some errands. We'll see… having them both out… together… I might have to don on my Superman tights.

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