Children Go Where I Send Thee

As I type this part of the message I am listening to a bluegrass rendition of “Children Go Where I Send Thee” and it's pretty swanky! Me likie.

Today is the last work day of the year. A little birdie told me that'll be just a half day as well. So, my plans of running at lunch time have been jettisoned out into space. What this does allow is for Jen and I to finish putting up our Christmas lights up outside. With the kids, it's hard to get that done during the day and by the time I get home, it's dark. Stupid winter solstice! (BTW: the Astronomy Picture of the day showed the same horizon with the sunrise at different locations for the solstices and equinox – very cool!)

Jen's parents, her sister and my brother Chris are coming into town all today, so it should make it nice and cozy for Christmas this year. we'll be going to church on Sunday for “Christmas SML Style”. SML stands for Sunday Morning Light and is the Contemporary Service. This means that we have a Bassist, Drums, Keyboard Player, Electric Guitar, Saxophone and Acoustic Guitar Band along with 2-4 back up singers who perform the music. Powerpoint slides are used during the sermon and typically special music ranges from a solo person to last weekend with 2 acoustic guitars, a soloist and a violin. It's a neat and modern way to worship. The normal Reverend likes to play multimedia clips to convey his meaning. He's played clips from Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Phenomenon, Spirit, Alamo and many more. Appartently “Christmas SML Style” is going to have a Charlie Brown Theme.

I am looking to get in 5 miles tomorrow. I'll download the current episode of Phedippidations, my Fave running podcast and listen to that as I run.

If I don't get a chance to post anymore before Christmas… everyone have a Wonderful Merry Christmas !!!


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