Weekend Update

It has been 12 days since I last ran. Surprisingly enough, I am not in a bad mood or cranky because I am not running. I probably would do just fine running this week, but I probably won't get a chance to do that until Thursday at the earliest and I can only imagine that work will end early because of the winter holiday (and yes, the 26th is a holiday, the rest of next week are administrative closings)

I had an anonymous commenter on my Holidaze Spirit post and it really got me thinking a little out of my sheltered brain. The first thing that I came up with is that those worshiping santa (for a lack of better term) are not necessarily Christian. They could actually be any denomination, if they chose. But you run into two big problems. First, it's the people who will say that Santa and other traditional symbols are based on Christian believes. Perhaps they were but this country was based on Christian beliefs and now there are plenty of different religions around here. These people will say that a Christmas tree and all the lights and the ornaments are Christian based. Maybe, but there's nothing in the Christian Life Manual (i.e. the Bible) that says that the three wise men put up a christmas tree in the manager and lit candles on it. As a symbol, it's not really christian anymore, if it ever was. It's part of holiday season now a days. Same with lights, also, it's the same with a halloween costume. That's a christian/pagan ritual now commercialized. Christmas lights… same thing. Okay, there is a reference to Santa Claus as St. Nicholas (Night Before Christmas) based on the actual Saint that did similar things that Santa does today. But, with my extensive reference section (i.e. 1980s Holiday cartoons) suggests that Santa is actually St. Nick but as a Mr. Chris Kringle.

Christmas carols, yes, most are Christian… this is Jesus' birth songs. Christmas songs, not so much. Plus, you have to take out the “Christmas Songs” that are really seasonal songs such as Jingle Bells, Walking in a Winter Wonderland, etc. Even RUN DMC's “Christmas in Hollis” references holiday items (christmas tree, snowmen, turnip greens, santa's ill reindeer) but doesn't pin it to one religion. Chanukah songs are few and far between… there's Dreidle (popularized for my generation by the cartoon Southpark) and Chanukah Song Parts I and II by Adam Sandler, who celebrates the people who light the menorah. I know of no Kwanzah songs.

So, I have come to my own conclusion that you can celebrate Christmas, not as “Christ's” Day or “Christos” mass. But you can have Christmas tree and lights, etc… if you choose and if it doesn't conflict with your religious beliefs. Eric's first picture with Santa is at church and I wrote ironic on the back.

One of my favorite groups is XTC and the lead singer and main songwriter's named Andy Partridge and he is an atheist. Funny that a christian guy like me likes a group that sings a song called “dear God” that goes on to say

“but all the people that you made in your image, see
them starving on their feet 'cause they don't get
enough to eat from God, I can't believe in you”

Anyway, they have a song called “Thanks for Christmas” which one of their songs that actually gets airplay.

Thanks for Christmas
Thank you for the love and happiness that's snowing down, all around
Thanks for Christmas
Thank you for the winter friendliness that's snowing down, all around the world

It's nearer, children's eyes shine clearer now
As they decorate the trees, all across the seven seas
It's nearer, yule log fires burn clearer now
In the winter's frosty air, sing with us and we can share our

Thanks for Christmas
Thank you for the love and happiness that's snowing down, all around
Thanks for Christmas
Thank you for the winter friendliness that's snowing down, all around the world

It's dawning, Santa's reindeer yawning now
All their festive work is done, filling houses up with fun
It's dawning, here is Christmas morning now
Greatest day of all the year, listen out and you will hear our

Thanks for Christmas

It's such a shame it's only one day every year
Three hundred and sixty-four days full of doubts and fear
You've been saving your love up, let it out, 'cos Christmas is here

Thanks for Christmas
Thank you for the love and happiness that's snowing down, all around
Thanks for Christmas
Thank you for the winter friendliness that's snowing down, all around the world

Thanks for Christmas

I do feel bad for those who don't believe and are subjected to the Christmas Militants that insist if you don't participate you're a Scrooge or a Grinch. They are doing anything wrong, theit just doing what they want to do. But now this year when the words “Merry Christmas” are labeled as almost a curse word, although I didn't see “God Bless America” or “In God WE Trust” anywhere in those two words. ANd you know what… I don't want to wish a Merry Christmas, I'd much rather wish a Happy Holiday or Season's Greetings or some other generic greeting like that. Why? Because wishing someone a Merry Christmas is only good for one day! I don't want to be that narrow… I want to wish you a whole bunch of “winter friendliness”. So I hope that you all have a Happy Holiday (which includes a Merry Christmas even if there is no religious significance) which I have been saying for years now.

Boy, I need to get back to running. This other crap is for the birds. I need to blog about intervals and training programs.

Also, this post is by no means any effort to defend or attack Christmas, nor will I really get excited about any pointed comments or references pointing out what I say is wrong. First, look at my references… a pop band and cartoons. Second, I'm not getting paid to blog… now if you want to pay me, I might do some extra research. What I do like are comments like my Holidaze posts… I find these informative to me, it helps me get into the head of others, which in turn makes me think, hence this post. I'm not jewish, in high school we did a passover event. I went to one of my fraternity brother's wedding where there was a pastor and a rabbi. That's about it for my Jewish knowledge. I know no one who celebrates Kwanzaa. I have plenty of atheist friends who celebrate (and don't celebrate) Christmas.

Oh well… man, I REALLY need to get running again… did I mention that yet?

“Thank you for the winter friendliness that's snowing down, all around the world” (Kaspar / Melchior / Balthazar)
Upcoming Races:
01/28 Calhoun's 10 miler (Loudon, TN)
02/18 Strawplain's 1/2 marathon (Strawberry Plains, TN)
03/26 Covenant Health 2nd Annual Knoxville Marathon


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