New Troy Update

Here is the newest update on my Fraternity Brother:

Hello all. Hope everyone is well. Troy is doing much better now. He has been moved to start his rehabillitation. Ends up being right down the road from our home and his cabin. He has been speaking a bunch more and in general doing much better. They have closed up the trache and it is almost healed up and really can't be noticed unless you look for it. The big thing now is getting his strength back. He is skinnier than me right now and that is saying alot. He still is not on solid food but is eating smashed up food. He has a little short term memory lose but that is to be expected according to the doctors. Mentally he alot of work ahead of him. He still takes a little pauses before answering questions, kinda like in slow motion, that too has alot to do with his actual strength and will improve as he fattens up. Other than that though it is just time and alot of rehab. Which he is already pissy about….of course you all know how moody he can get and can imagine the frustration on his part, but the nurses say he has just been a little stuburn and other than that the perfect patient. So in general, he is doing much better.

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  1. Keri Ward says:

    Can someone please tell me how I can get in touch with Chris Hill regarding Troy? I found out last night 1/26/09 about the accident and am wondering how I can get back in touch with them? We went to college together. Thank You my email address is above and is the best one to get me.

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