Well, not quite, but I am a little run down. With the race this past Sunday, giving blood on monday, and being tired. I think I am a little worn down. I have had a small case of the sniffles here and there, but nothing worth writing about.

My side is better. I talked with Gray (like the color) about what might have happened. He thinks that it may be more like a ligament or tendon (whatever are there) strain and not my diaphragm. So basically ice and NSAIDs to keep the pain down and for it to heal. Also, take it easy.

I'll have to go back but I think I had the pain while swimming one day last month. It was very sharp pain near where it hurts now. I did run at lunch today, but it was a very relaxed 2 mile run on the track while listening to some Endurance Radio podcasts.

I don't have an appetite and I am sleepy… oh sickness demons… BE GONE!

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