A day of Rest…

and another day of rest and another and another…

I think I am testing whether a longer rest period will make you faster. Today is day 4 of rest since the Autumnfest 8k and probably with some good reason. So, I am listening to installment #20 of Phedippidations when I should be running around 5 or so miles. Oh well, if you don't bring your workout clothes, you can't really workout, can you?

So, I will be doing a little alteration to my training this week. Since I rested today, I will be breaking away from my training mantra of “two days off before a race” and run on Friday. Or, I could run Tues, Wed, Thurs and swim on Friday. Perhaps that will be a better choice. The problem, of course, is for me to stay slow or at least slower than tempo pace because knowing me… I go out for 4 leisurely miles and end up 2 fast miles that leaves me worn out for Sunday's Reindeer Run 5k.

On a side note about Autumnfest 8k, my official time of 37:40 made the 2005 running of the race a Course Record (by more than two minutes) and a Race Record (by 42 seconds). I just noticed, but it also makes it the fastest paced race of the year as well with an average pace of 7:32 minute miles.

If you have been perceptive and noticed that I have taken multiple days off, you might have noticed that I did not run my long run on Saturday. Let me be the first ot admit that the reason why I didn't run was I was lazy. I should have gotten up and ran but instead, I chose to sleep. I am not sure if this is something cyclic or psyhcological, but I have not been able to be motivated in the mornings these past 2 weeks. I should be getting up no later than 5:30am to get my personal stuff done before Eric wakes up, but I have essentially been sleeping UNTIL Eric wakes up. Maybe I'll figure it out someday!

So, Crappy but warm weather for tomorrow's lunch run. Thanks Weather Channel!


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