Autumnfest Eve (Papa's Race)

Okay, I seemed to be obsessing over the 8k tomorrow when I am not evening going for a PR. But am I going for a course record? Hmmm… let me check that.

I am looking for a 37:30 finish for an 8k (5 miler) that is a 7:30 minute per mile pace. My current course record for Autumnfest is 39:42 (for the current course) which they changed in 2003 (I think).
So yes, this will be a course record and a race record for that matter. This is my 3rd most personally attended race and will be the 7th consecutive year that I have ran this race.

This race is dedicated to William “PaPa” Adkins (1914-2000) who was like a grandfather to Jen. He passed away right before Thanksgiving in 2000 and instead of staying in Knoxville for Thanksgiving we were going to travel to North of Charlotte for the wake and funeral the next day. Since we were not leaving until the afternoon, Jen decided that she would run this race in memory of him. This was the first time that she had every run 5 miles and ran with a friend for most of the race. We even took the race shirts that year and put on an iron-on transfer with “Running in Memory of William “PaPa” Adkins (1914-2000)” and wear them to that race. One of my quirks is that I do NOT wear race shirts to races… except for this one. So ever since 2000 we run or volunteer for this race. This year, I have a 37:30 goal and Jen is going to be working the finishing line.

So the next post will probably be a race report!

I keep failing to mention that sometime earlier this month I surpassed 400 miles for the year.


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