Pre Race Day #1

Well, I didn’t exercise at lunch today because I am in another mini-taper for my Thanksgiving race – Autumnfest 8k. I would like to thank the co-worker that brought in what can best be described as Terrybane… or commercially known as Tootsie Rolls. I have been “carbo-loading” with these things all day long, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, thank goodness that they are lower in fat than Tootsie Rolls cousins such as Snickers and Twix (just to name two). I think that I may have eaten the entire bag… oops.

So, this rest day is supposed to help me perform faster on Thursday. So in the long term, the taper is supposed to help me. In the short term, it drives me crazy. But I should mention that this mini-taper is a little more drastic than the regular taper that I use for marathons. In that taper, I generally reduce the number of miles that I run gradually over 14-17 days before the marathon. At this point in training there is little more that you can do and the only BIG thing that you can do it injure yourself by OVER training.

So, we runners taper. Being the educated runner that I am, I am applying this mantra to my shorter races. So for my 8k on Thursday, I ran 2.3 yesterday and nothing for today and Wednesday (Autumnfest eve). Tonight, I will also make some sort of pasta with jalepeno ranch dressing dish or Torta (a filipino dish that is more like an omelete on steroids – but not EPO) and rice. This will aid in my carbo-loading, so that I will have plenty O’ Glycogen to battle Lactic Acid Thursday morning.

Something else that I did in efforts to make me faster was get a hair cut. I attached a before and after picture just for posterity. And since Laura made such a funny comment yesterday
(hardy har har), you’ll see that my mono brow has been severed like a finger in stowaway bed… or at least until it grows back.


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