Monday's Cold Rain

Okay, I have procrastinated enough to put this post online. I looked at the empty Entry: box screen thinking about what I was going to put into the box. So why don't I just start typing perhaps I can regurgitate what is in my brain on here…

The forecast today was rain, cool around mid 40s.
The run today was in rain and about 44 degrees. Rock on Weather Dudes! Tomorrow the forecast has little snowflake icons in the small picture picture forecast. Thank goodness that tomorrow is a rest day in preparation for Autumnfest. The Weather Channel has the forecast for Thursday as Mostly Cloudy and the temperature around race time will be a balmy 38-40 degrees. Nice.

About today's run… since it was rather cold and rainy, I decided that I would minimize the amount of time that I would be out in the elements. I limited my run to 20 minutes, which should put me somewhere around the 2.5 mile mark if I ran 8:00 min miles. I also decided that I would stay on campus as well, as I would never be too far away to abort the run and head back to the aquatic center. I tried to protect myself from the rain by wearing a semi-impurvious jacket and went for the LS coolmax shirt instead of the LS cotton shirt. I also had my MP3 player setup to the 2nd and 3rd podcast of Runcast Weekly, as I have come up to date with the Phedippidations podcast. Oh, a side note, in Podcast #19, my description of Phedippidations is read at the close of the podcast… tres cool!

So, I was already for the wonderful scurry through the wet weather. I was surprised at the number of students that were out and about during my run, I am guessing that they are only getting to and from class and the number of students actually being leisurely was next to, or equaling nil. As with most all places in Knoxville, there are hills. “The hills are alive with the sound of… runner's breathing…” but the campus is no exception and in fact the annual Trideltathon is ran on campus among some of the less runner friendly hills. So, what that meant was about 1/2 through my run I was feeling the effects of Saturday's long run. What was I doing? Why was I running in this weather? Well, the reason is that I have come to realize that before any race where I need to perform well, I need to take 2 days, and 2 complete days, off mfor my best performance. Well, maybe I could get away with 36 hours, but I think that would be the minimum for optimal Terry performance. Also, if I didn't run today, I would go nuts in my mini taper that would case me to over analyze and basically self-sabbotage my performance on Thursday. Thanks to all the speedwork Monday following the lack of running weekends that I was able to see… I run faster on Monday after 2 days of rest than after only one… cool.

I only have an overall time of 19:23 seconds for 2.3 miles giving me a 8:26 pace per mile. For the perceived effort… I'm scared because it should have been faster, but I have two days to rest and get stronger.

I waited too long and now I have to run…sigh. Perhaps it has been the full moon that has been affecting me…. after all my wife likes to make fun of my uni-brow.

Upcoming Races:
11/24 Autumnfest 8k (Knoxville, TN), Goal time 37:30
12/04 Reindeer Run 5k (Maryville, TN), Goal time 21:55
01/28 Calhoun's 10 miler (Loudon, TN)
02/18 Strawplain's 1/2 marathon (Strawberry Plains, TN)
03/26 Covenant Health 2nd Annual Knoxville Marathon,Goal time 3:59:59
(indicates potential Personal Record for distance)

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