Giving the Finger…

a little TLC last night to my mangled finger.

My finger was KILLING me… it hurt just by itself, much less when I tried to do something. It hurt when I tried to do the following:

  • Tried to take something out of the toaster oven
  • grab a glass
  • write
  • open a package
  • use scissors
  • screw the top of a sippy cup
  • fold laundry
  • wash a kid
  • put a diaper on said kid
  • etc, etc

So after the kids where down I decided to take the bandage off and let it air out. When I took the bandage off, the broken nail kept “catching” on stuff… anything and everything. So, I decided that I needed to do some First Aid on my wound. Enter in Melaleuca. The Short-Short version is Melaleuca is a Wellness Company that sells wellness products in recyclable containers. You can become a Director in Melaleuca by having people sign-up under you and make money (similar to Mary Kay but nothing like Amway). However those that sign-up are responsible for their own account, etc… . Their products are first class and are safe for the environment and even more safe for kids. Most commercial cleaners are Hazardous Materials (remember I used to clean up hazardous and mixed hazardous waste for a living) and it’s something you shouldn’t have in your house. So we switched to Melaleuca products, because they have (dun-dun-dun) Melaleuca Oil in them. Melaleuca Oil? That the Australian word for Tea Tree Oil. All their products have some form of the oil in them from Cleaners, to Energy Bars, to Soap (It’s new Glimmer… it’s a dessert topping, no it’s a floor wax… wait now… it’s both; two points for the reference). But now Terry, there is lots of Tea Tree Oil products out there. Why you are right! But, the Melaleuca brand Melaleuca oil is a pharmacy grade oil in better than pure form, so you aren’t getting a bunch of crap… you are getting something that works! [Steps down from soapbox]

[Steps down from soapbox]Sorry, didn’t know I was up there. Anyway, I put some pure Melaleuca oil on it and in about 5 seconds, the sharp pain was gone and in 30 seconds I could squeeze on my thumbs with little discomfort. I’m not saying that the pain went totally away but what I am saying is that it did a Kick ASS job and another instance of how impress I am with the products! In fact, I woke up this morning and my finger STILL wasn’t hurting… still a little discomfort but nothing like before!

Oh, I also did some artwork on my finger… nothing like Laura can do, she’s a real art-teest… but remove the “hook” that was grabbing on everything. Maybe I’ll do a picture each day until it is healed!
Finger Day 1


Oh yeah, and I made BBQ chicken last night using the broiler pan and it’s sitting in the sink waiting to be clean…

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