Kitchen Casualty

Man, I was wounded last night in the kitchen. Who knew that a broiler pan could double as a hand grater? Two nights ago I had made some steaks in the oven. We get our meats delivered to us frozen and so when we want something, we take it out of the freezer and broil it, hence the need for a broiler pan.

It’s sorta my fault for NOT cleaning it the night of dinner, but I was soaking it in water and baking soda so that I could use a wire pad to clean the gunk off of it. So, I was in a rush to clean the sink and shine it before bed (something we read by The Fly Lady), I cleaned out the sink and pan was the last piece. So I took the top piece and was rubbing it as hard as I could to get the burnt crap off. It seemed that I was in some auto mode because I was going to town not paying any attention to what was going on and BAM, next thing I knew my thumb had suffered a wound.

The good thing was that it actually didn’t hurt WHEN it happened, but it hurt in the night and today. I am also reminded how much you use your thumb because every time I hit my thumb… Owwwieees happen. I took pictures of course. So below is what happened to me. The first picture is with the piece of nail still attached (which I just pulled out) and the second is without. Mmmmm… enjoy!



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