Halloween Running

Today was the last day to add mileage for the month, so tomorrow will have the October summary, but as for today… it was a track day. I thought for a second that I would run 4 miles out on the normal course. That was until I decided that since Monday's were speed days, that I could attack on the track. I probably should have ran my normal course, but I did end up running the track.

My intentions was to run 4 miles on the track, or 16 laps, for laps 7-10, I was going to shoot for a PR time for me in the mile. After all, where better to do this than on a track. So I hugged the line between lanes 4 and 5 for all of my 12 laps that I ended up running.

HEY! What I just realized is that I ran more than 3 miles. A track is typically 400 meters around, but due to the physical structure, the outer lanes are actually longer than 400 meters. This is why they have staggered starts in track races. Anyway thanks to Google (who has a cool halloween design) I found a Track Lane Calculator and my splits were for 423 meters! Therefore each split time was for 0.26 instead of 0.25. It adds up!

So here are the split times:

Split Split Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Overall Pace Comments
1 423 meters 1:59 7:33 1:59 7:33 &nbsp
2 423 meters 1:58 7:29 3:57 7:33 &nbsp
3 423 meters 1:52 7:07 5:49 7:23 &nbsp
4 423 meters 1:51 7:03 7:40 7:18 So, about a 7:18 for the first mile
5 423 meters 1:57 7:26 9:37 7:19 &nbsp
6 423 meters 1:58 7:29 11:35 7:21 &nbsp
7 423 meters 1:44 6:36 13:19 7:15 Fast and Furious!
8 423 meters 1:46 6:44 15:05 7:11 &nbsp
9 423 meters 1:55 7:18 17:00 7:12 &nbsp
10 423 meters 2:05 7:56 19:05 7:16 &nbsp
11 423 meters 2:02 7:45 21:07 7:19 &nbsp
12 423 meters ?? ?? ?? ?? I didn't time the last lap, but I guess it would have been around 2:00 minutes

So, the best combination that I can find is laps 6-9 in which my average mile is a 7:02, 5 secs slower than my PR time. So I will have to try another day. The good news is that I went an extra 0.15 miles than I originally thought! Woo-Hoo.


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