Fell apart and rebuilt

I held aloft my scheduling sword and said “I HAVE THE POWER!!!” Eric was at Grandma’s for his first overnight with Mommy and Daddy not in (at least) the same building. Hmmm, no phone calls yet, so that is a good sign that all went well. So that left after 5 with me having a free evening until about 8 O’clock or so. I had to run a few errands such as: getting a new espresso carafe (gravity sucks), getting my haircut and getting diapers. Once at Grandma’s was secured, I called Party Marty (aka Beer Boy) to arrange some running in the evening. We decided that we would run Cherokee Blvd which has a 5 mile crushed gravel path in Knoxville, a good place to run among $400,000 and $500,000 30 year old homes. So, knowing that I would be working out in the evening, I opted to run a few of the errands at my lunchtime to get them out of the way. Conveniently, Great Clips ($5.99 coupon) and Bed, Bath and Beyond (20% off coupon) are very close to each other. So I ran my errands and finished the rest of the day.

I got a call from Beer Boy at 5 saying that he was late leaving work because of some brewing issues and wanted to know if we wanted to change locations to someplace else as it wouldn’t be until 6:00 to make it to Cherokee. We decided to meet at the Alcoa/Maryville Greenway, a nice 6 mile greenway that runs through the two towns. This is when things really started to fall apart. As I was traveling Alcoa Highway, traffic backed up and right at that time the SportsTalk show went to a traffic report. An accident on the southbound side of Aloca Highway (Oh, great) between a Tractor Trailer and a Horse Trailer (uh, oh) had happened at Topside Road (crap, I am 2 miles away from there) and Alcoa was backed up for a good distance. I called Beer Boy back and we decided that we’d meet at Volunteer Landing, because he wouldn’t be affected much by the accident if he travelled North on Alcoa but if he went South, he would be stuck like I was.

So I turned around and made my way to Volunteer Landing, would take me 7 minutes… if I had taken the right route. I should have taken the Neyland Dr exit, but like a dummy, took the interstate, got stuck in traffic, got off on the Henley Street Exit only to get caught up in downtown traffic. Then was a victim of the one-way streets and had to pass right in front of Volunteer Landing, go to the campus and turn around. It was about 5:25 when I parked at Volunteer Landing. Ugh.

I figured that Beer Boy would be around in 20 minutes, so I decided to run a mile to get it under my belt. I was were I run during my Lunchtime runs, so I was familiar with the area. I ran a mile, not keeping time, and came back to wait. I decided to take advantage of the time to take pictures of Volunteer Landing, which was a nice break. When it was close to 6 and no Beer Boy, I decided to run another mile, just in case everything fell through, which at this point wasn’t totally unbelievable. So I ran another mile, out and back and still no Beer Boy. I decided to run an additional mile to bring the count to 3, that way, if I had to abandon, it would not be all for naught. I run my 3rd mile and get back, at about 6:30, I get a call saying that he is about to Volunteer Landing (sigh) and would be there in about 10-15 minutes. So, I struck out for another mile and finished before he arrived.

Beer Boy finally showed up around 6:45 and we headed out for an out and back course that I mapped this morning to be 2.75 miles. I was late getting home because I still needed diapers, but all in all it was a good run. 6.75 miles, I am not complaining! Here are a few pictures that I took while waiting for Beer Boy, some will be queue for | P | L | A | N | E | T | 3 | R | R | Y |.

Volunteer Landing 5

UT Rowing

UT Rowing

051020vol5 051020vol3.jpg
Volunteer Landing 4 &nbsp

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