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In celebration of Beastie Boys’ 24th anniversary, Capitol Records has suddenly decided to pay tribute to their second (or perhaps even third) best band with a greatest hits record: Michael “Mike D” Diamond, Adam “Adrock” Horovitz and Adam “MCA” Yauch-known collectively as Beastie Boys-will be lionized November 8th with the release of Solid Gold Hits.

This sick ass 15-track compendium distills the NYC trio’s storied career into a very friendly friend format: Making it’s way from the “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn” and “Fight For Your Right” antipasti, through the “Shake Your Rump, “So What’cha Want” and “Sabotage” primi piati, right into last years secundi piati To The 5 Boroughs’ “Ch-Check It Out,” “An Open Letter To NYC” and “Triple Trouble” – and all courses in between.

So whether you’re reliving your own favorite Capitol Records memories or sharing the “Sabotage” or the “Intergalactic” with a loved one for the first time, the audio and visual Solid Gold Hits experience is guaranteed to put the nuts back in your fruitcake this holiday season.

Track listing for Solid Gold Hits:

1. So What’cha Want
2. Brass Monkey
3. Ch-Check It Out
4. No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn [Terry Note:All Time Party Starting song]
5. Hey Ladies [Terry Note: “And when I mean stupid, I mea Stupid! Fresh!]
6. Pass The Mic [Terry Note:Excellent song… Do what I do, professionally and to tell you the truth I’m exactly where I want to be.]
7. An Open Letter To NYC
8. Root Down [Terry Note: This song is growing on me and is an excellent running song]
9. Shake Your Rump [Terry Note:One of my favorites]
10. Intergalactic [Terry Note:My All-Time Fave Bboy song… the video is hoot too]
11. Sure Shot [Terry Note:Reference Galore in this song (e.g. Lee Dorsey)]
12. Body Movin’ (Fatboy Slim Remix)
13. Triple Trouble
14. Sabotage
15. Fight For Your Right [Terry Note: I actually HATE this song!!!]

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