One of my biggest weaknesses is candy, I have a huge sweet tooth. I typically have to have candy everyday and will scheme to make sure that I can get my fix when I need it. The past few weeks, I have been taking advantage of major candy bar sales at Kroger and Pilot. Both stores have been running specials where their candy bars have been from $0.25 to $0.33 on sale, making the financial impact of consuming chocolate very bearable.

I can’t resist what I buy… if buy 3 candy bars, I will eat 2 now and 1 later (or maybe the next day), so I would only buy 2-3 at a time which made it less convenient for me to eat them. Afterall, they aren’t all that good for you. Calories, Fat and Cholesterol it does add up, especially if you are eating them as fast I as do.

well, I got my Cholesterol levels back last week and my levels weren’t all that great (saved for another post). I came up with 3 action items to help lower my cholesterol and get my cardio health back to normal. 1) was to consume fish 2x a week, 2)Flax Seed and/or Cod Liver Oil supplements and 3) lower number of candy bars to 4 for a 2 week period (instead of 6-9 a week).

Apart from a bag of pink M&M’s that I bought before I found out my score, I have been doing pretty well on the chocolate intake. Hey, Pink M&M’s you say? Hey, they are for Suzie K’s Cancer research and I am all about Breast Awareness.

However, as a candy JUNKIE, I have to get my fix elsewhere. In the whole scheme of Holiday Candy, Easter is my favorite time of the year (Mini Eggs, Cadbury Eggs, White Chocolate Lambs, Chocolate Marshmallow eggs, etc) since the QUALITY of candy is much higher. Christmas is nice because of the amount of candy involved, but the candy is just rehash of normal flavors just marketed into a holiday tin to get you buy it. Halloween is my least favorite because the candy is the cheapest crap out there apart from the normal stuff that you can find in the candy aisle anytime of year. The one exception for Halloween is that it is the only time of year that you purchase Smarties in million pound bags. And cheap… Smarties may be the best taste/price ratio out there.


Smarties – 60 Whew only 25 Calories a roll, NO fat, No cholesterol – Just sugar. I probably have had, GULP, 1000 350 calories of Smarties just today or more. But the beauty about Smarties is that if you can burn the calories… no harm no foul no fat. Thermodynamics, baby!

And if regular Smarties aren’t enough for you my friend, check out what
Else is available

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