Over at gregmce, Greg talked about how he’d rather not meet/hang out with his younger self for a variety of reasons. It was weird that he posted that because after Friday’s workout, i ran into a tour group of high schoolers touring the campus. On occasion, I do run into a group but this was the first time I really thought about what they were doing.

Here are high school junior/seniors who are visiting the University to see if this is where they want to invest 4 (or more) years of their life. How can you know though? Honestly, if this is the right fit for you. In an hour, you are supposed to get a vibe from the campus if this is the right one for you, but like most tours, you are given a sanitized version of the campus. I used to give tours for Longwood, so I know. The funny thing was that I lived on a fraternity hall and one saturday they were doing special tours and sure enough it stunk like cheap/stale beer. However, it was probably a realistic view of what happens or rather the aftermath.

So I thought about the tour group. How much will the remember? Will they care? It was rainy, so is that a strike against UT? Us college types walked right past them without even giving them the time of day… arrogant higher education bastards! Their lives are going to change dramatically and do they know it? Probably not.

So back to Greg’s point. Of course our younger self is so immature, and we’d probably would want to meet them since we know that they do not know what it took us years to learn. I could have a different (maybe better) undergraduate experience if I knew back then what I know now. But now, I’d be out of touch with the 18yo Terry. Although, I think the UVa grad school Terry (circa 1994) would be a lot of fun. And of course, “drunk Terry” is always a crowd favorite!


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