Unusual Sunday Spot

What a long weekend. Well, it really wasn't long, it just felt that way because I got a lot of crap done around the house.

*Resurrected a computer from the dead
*Unsuccessfully reformated a hard drive

*returned merchandise to Party City
*Got some groceries
*Watch UT beat Ole Miss
*Followed UVa loss to Maryland via the internet
*Saw Furman won
*consumed 4 Grolsch
*looked through old photoalbums of me in High School and college
*Talked with Neighbors about removing some trees
*Loaded software on the new computer
*fed a baby at 3am
*started 1st of 4 loads of laundry
*agreed to being a Best Man
*Fixed Stair Railing
*Listed | P | L | A | N | E | T | 3 | R | R | Y | on photoblogs

*Made Turkey (The other, other white meat) Taco Meat
*Made Lunch: Kroger Hamburger Magic again with Turkey
*cleaned the master bathroom
*Fix the light in the garage
*cut and piled tree debris from Katrina
*finished, folded and put away 4 of 4 loads of laundry
*Saw an NFL record 6 field goals in one game (I gotta get that guy on my fantasy team)
*Fixed toilet
*Ran 4.4 at Lakeshore Greenway, then 1 mile trail run at Concord Park
*finally took a shower (since Thursday)

Well, if there is anything else… who cares.

About planet3rry

Marathoner, A Terry of all trades
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