And now for something completely different…

I subscribe to about 5 different online survey websites. In the past, I have received product via mail to test out and complete the survey. As a reward for completing both online and websurveys, I earn about 25 bucks a year, plus points to redeem for various products. The only thing that I have redeemed points for was the Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD only because the points were going to expire.

Anyway, I get 4-8 surveys emailed to me on a daily basis and usually complete most of them. Although, I do not lose sleep if I just delete the email. Today I had a rather interesting survey. It started out rather normal. It asked me about Transformers/GI Joe/Star Wars toys and cartoons and whether I played with them as a child and were there any children who do the same now. It then shifted to “well, you’ve qualified to take the rest of the survey” which was all about sexual attitudes and paraphenalia. WTF?!

How does playing with GI Joe and Transformers qualify me for a sexually orientated survey? I mean, when I played with my GI Joe there was not a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, but “knowing is half the battle”. And my Transformers went from Robots to normal items like cars, planes, trucks, dinosaurs, etc… but I guess it’s “more than meets the eye.”

Who Knew?

(aside: I need to get the paid version of LJ so that I can put a bunch of different Picture Icons to express emotion like my friend Greg at Livejournal: gregmce)


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