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Today is the official release of my photoblog – | P | L | A | N | E | T | 3 | R | R | Y | photography The link has been on my LiveJournal Link list, but was taken off and now is back. It still is up at my website and now have added it my blogger account (which is nothing more than a placeholder account).

So how do you get there?

  • You can click the link to the left of this post for “PLANET3RRY photography”
  • You can get there directly at (one day I hope to have the domain name
  • You can go to my website and click the link to “PLANET3RRY” in the header

Why did I do this?
Well, I have been an avid photographer, oh I forgot “amateur”, for many years now. In high school my friend Patrick Wilson and I borrowed Pete’s Canon FTb camera for a photoshoot much like Sting did at that time. It was a lot of fun and continued to take pictures here and there but just with an old point-and-click camera. Christmas of 1992, I even asked for a new camera so that I would have one to keep with me, because I would “see” scenes and would want to take a picture and had destroyed my last camera.

I remained mildly active in picture taking but again with an Advantix and 35mm film point-and-click. Although I was trying to capture a picture like I had a 35mm SLR, it was not happening. Once digital media came into consumer price ranges, it was easier to take pictures but without a good camera, it was the same-old-same-old. In late 2002, I asked to borrow Pete’s FTb again, in anticipation of my first son’s birth. I knew that I could take some good pictures, but wanted a little practice using the camera before I started taking pictures. At Christmas of 2002, Jen and I bought a Canon Powershot S45 camera a 4 megapixel digital camera. I am still learning how to use all the feature of this camera, but have gotten some decent shots with it. In 2004, just before I went to American Samoa for work, I bought a compact 2 megapixel as a personal camera. It’s small enough to fit in my pocket and take shots whenever I see something. In spring of 2005, I found a yard sale gem, a Canon AV-1 in great shape with the standard lens and a 50-200mm lens, plus a flash (that was broken) all for a great price (cheaper than eBay). The Canon AV-1 is not as powerful as the FTb, they are essentially the same body frame, but the photographer has more control over the FTb than the AV-1. I am looking now to add a digital SLR camera to my arsenal of cameras, but they can be very expensive, even the older models…

How did I do this?
The photoblog is run using Pixelpost software. I load the picture via a web interface and it displays the pictures when I want. Pixelpost is customizable with many different options and it’s free. It does use one of the databases given to me from my website provider, so you do need someone to host it for you. There are free photoblogging software out there. I would suggest going to for more information. Since I have the free LiveJournal Account for my running blog, I chose to customize the Live Journal website and then change the photoblog and my website to match.

What will I do now?
I plan on posting a new picture everyday (at noon) until I run out of material. If you click on the ARCHIVE link at PLANET3RRY, you will see that I have already uploaded 100+ pictures. Although this is a disadvantage for me, as material to post, it does two things:

  • Makes me go out and get more material
  • It gives a good base for a visitor to know what I have done and what to expect

I find that new photoblogs at with only a few pictures, I only glance and then leave, but those with a decent archive, I look to see what they have done and whether I want to bookmark them.

So I will post the pictures that I like when I can. There is a Common Creative License on the website. Basically, if you want to use my pictures… ask first because I will do the same. More than likely I will grant your request. Also, if you would like to purchase a print, please let me know and we can discuss pricing and sizing, etc.

Who do I like?
Here are a list of photo websites that I have bookmarked in Sage as of September 2005. Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension for Mozilla Firefox. My site does have an RSS feed to so, so feel free to bookmark me!
[daily dose of imagery]
Astronomy Photo of the Day
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Mark My Shots
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Sensitive Light
Shutter and Pupil
The Daily Drink
Zestfullyclean Photoblog


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