By the time I made it to campus, I realized that I had forgotten everything that I needed to work out. I had no extra towels, no swimsuit (although I could manage) and no socks (YIKES!!!). SO I could have swam today, but I would not be able to dry off effectively.

Now, as I sat at the desk thinking of what I could do for the hour, I looked at my calendar and sure enough, the words Donate Blood were the first thing that I saw. Taking it as a sign, I went and donated blood at lunchtime today. So I am the proud owner of another Medic shirt (a donation to be for the Hurricane Relief) all for the price of 16oz of my O+ blood. My iron content was 43%, blood pressure 130/80, pulse 60 and temperature 36.6 F and an otherwise normal donation. I'll be getting a gross cholesterol letter in the mail in about 4 weeks, so I will be anxious to see how high that is.

well, tomorrow, big plans… rolling out my photoblog at noon, date night with Jennifer and oh yeah, having a birthday. Cheers!


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