Speedy Monday

Today was back in the regular workout routine. After helping with a race on saturday and a realtively easy Sunday, I was ready for some fast footwork. The remnants of Rita started to hit the area, so when I was getting ready for work, I contemplated whether I would swim or run.

When I got to work, that question was answered for me. I was going to run. I had forgotten my swimsuit and even worse, all my towels. Luckily enough, I had extra shorts, socks and even a shirt (which due to the summer heat I hadn't worn) but the only towel was a 8×10 sized towel. Oh well, it would have to do.

It was slightly misty while I walked to the aquatic center but not too bad. Swimming was outdoors, but as I type this I remember that pool is extra cold after rain. So I got ready to run and took off with the intent to run swiftly. For the most part, that happened. I had to stop for a few seconds in the first mile to allow some cars to pass me, but everything else in my way was just a weave in the run pattern. I made it halfway where I took a water break, which without the hot sun was nice and relaxing. I made it back without stopping, even on the big hill and really ate up the clock. Looking at the split times for the Farragut Fall 5k, I would have come in 2nd or 4th in my age group… I would have had to do a sub-23 for second… but realistically, 4th is more like what I would have gotten.

If I keep up the speedwork, I will have a great Autumnfest time in November. Here are the splits for today.

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Overall Pace
1 1.0 1.0 7:01 7:01
2 1.0 2.0 7:41 14:42 7:21
3 1.0 3.0 8:00 22:41 7:34

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