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Do you hate it when you are swimming and when you go to take a breath you suck up a bunch of water. You are sort of stuck with that water in the mouth during your stroke. Well, imagine being in the middle of a stroke (face in the water) and you see something that is strikingly funny and causes you to chuckle, disrupting your rhythm. Well, that is what happened to me. Back in Entry, I mentioned that there was graffiti at the bottom of the pool. The lanes were still in the “long” configuration, but I swam on a different side of the pool. In the picture, you can see the diving well and most of the lap area.


Today I was swimming in a lane that was farther away from the diving well (diving well is in the upper left hand side) but shallower than the previous day. As I crossed into the diving well area, I noticed that there was still crap on the bottom of the pool. I noticed some hand prints and foot prints, but I also noticed a flower gel sandal underneath me. It was probably 10-12 feet deep where I was. But as I was close to the wall, I almost laughed outloud underwater as someone had written “clean me” on the bottom of the pool!

Anyway, apart from seeing the “vandalism” at the bottom of the pool, it was a good day in the pool. I went 1600 meters in 37 minutes with my average lap (100 meters) being 2:19. The best part was that I did not take a rest in the middle, I just kept going. I thought about going another 4 laps for 1.2 miles since that is the Half-Ironman Distance, but I thought maybe next Friday.

Tomorrow is a busy day, I start off by volunteering at the Farragut Fall 5k and then the Errand List!

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