The writing in the pool

Not a whole lot to blog about swimming and all that stuff. The highlight of the swim today was that the pool configuration was lengthwise meaning 50m length. Ah who am I kidding… it was a nice day out today and the scenery was pretty good. I had made up in my mind that I would be going 3/4 of a mile which is 1200 meters or 27 laps in the other configuration. Since the pool was set up nice, it was 12 up and 12 back… 1200 meters… Done and Done. It took me 26:11 which is right around 2 minutes and change for 100m. I was pleased with my performance.

Tomorrow will be a long run, but not sure if I am going to be starting on time. I have to go back to court since the victim in the case did not show up. Seeing that I am a key eyewitness, I need to be there and so should the victim, but he has warrants for his arrest and may not be there. Well, he might show up in an orange jumpsuit. How they love ORANGE (Go Vols) in East Tennessee.

I also know that I will be skipping lunch work on Thursday… more on that later.

I will be volunteering (another Tennessee subliminal reference – Go Vols) Saturday morning at a Local 5k. Although I won't be running in the race, I may still try to get some mileage in one way or another.

Oh yeah, the title of the post… The outdoor pool is attached to the diving well, so that about 1/4 of the length is deeper than 6 feet. I'm guessing that the shallower end of the diving well is close to 15 feet, the deeper end closer to 25 feet deep. The bottom of the diving area has some brown algae or something growing on it. Well, today while swimming I saw that the brown gunk makes a great writing board. Apparently a bunch of people wrote their names on the bottom of the pool… not something you see everyday. Graffiti at 2 fathoms.


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