Don't you have one of those days where you get signs about what you should do, which often is not what you want to do? Today was ones of those days. Apparently, I was not to have a strenuous workout day today… and I didn't.

It started out with the sun coming out this morning. Yesterday was such a wonderful running day (over cast) and I chose to swim. Today, the sun was out pretty much all day, although it was forecasted to be in the upper 80s and not the 90s. When I went up to the aquatic center, still thinking I was going to run, I kept feeling that I should swim today. Then Jen called. I talked to her for about 17 minutes and that was another sign that I was not going to run. I thought that I could get in 400 meters and then some extra laps, in the given time I have to work out. So, that is what I did, I had an abbreviated workout, where I got in 12 laps, 548 meters, in about 20 minutes. I even caught 5 minutes of sun ray absorption. I didn't want to stay out too long with out sun screen. But since we are going to be in Corolla North Carolina next week, I do not want to spoil our vacation by burning and peeling. This way, I can use sunscreen while I am there and still have a tan when I get back, because no matter how much or how well you put on sunscreen… you will burn.

On a side note, I found this website that allows you to make your own custom magazine covers, using your own picture! if you don't want to fool with using something as fancy as Publisher or to a lower tech – Word, you can use this online tool to make your own. I will have to get a good picture and make a running magazine cover!

Perhaps tomorrow will be my Rest Day for the week we will see. I will get another running day in before the weekend. I also have to schedule some beach running in sometime next week.

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