Summer Heat

Man, it was a HOT HOT HOT one today at lunchtime (91 degrees – Feels Like 95 Degrees) and I decided to set out on the 3 mile course from a couple weeks ago. This course takes me from the Aquatic Center down to Neyland then to Volunteer Landing and back. However, I wanted to explore the new extension off of the Neyland Greenway toward the James White parkway brige. I had read in FOOTNOTES (the KTC bi-monthly publication) that the extension was now complete. What this means for me and other Knoxville runners is, that we now have a 12+ mile out and back course all on greenways. Add the Cherokee loop for another hilly upto 5 miles and you have a long distance run protect from vehicles on the Greenway. I didn't have enough time to explore the greenway, but I found where it start, so I will definitely use this route for upcoming training!

As for today's workout, it was rather “good” given the conditions. I had to stop twice, the first time I didn;t stop my watch, the second time I did. I couldn't figure out why my return split was so hard, I attributed it to the heat. And yes, the heat was the variable, but look at the times.

Split Split Mileage Split Time Total Time Overall Pace Comparison Pace(July 21st)
1 1.5 12:07 12:07 8:05 7:56
2 0.38 2:48 14:55 7:57
3 0.38 2:41 17:35 7:47
4 1.5 3.76 13:22 8:55 8:48
Total 3.76 30:57 8:14

So, I burned myself out on my exploration, but not that bad though. I may try to run tomorrow morning in the neighborhood, but only if I get up early, else it won't be until Monday.

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