It is almost the middle of July and I have no miles logged in for the month. The main reason for this is the lack of babysitters we have had due to summer events. When this is the case, I need to be home to help take care and put Eric to bed, usually by 7:15. Then, from 7:15-11:00 it is taking care of the house time which makes running low on the priority food chain. It is also especially low since the Tour De France is aired at night from 8-11, this means that household chores take longer, putting me to bed later than normal which makes getting up later thereby negating any early morning run.

Not is all lost though, I still have the lunchtime swims. This week, I have managed to get in swims on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday's swim was 1097 meters but was plagued with goggle malfunction. The lens are no longer seated properly in the frame and therefore leak rather easy. Today's swim was a little longer in distance, 1234 meters. I averaged 55 sec per 50 yd lap for the first 12 laps. After that I did not keep track. I did practice my flip-turn today which is something that really needs improvement. I can't say that I am very graceful when it comes to the flip-turn, I really need someone to show me how to do it.

Also, last night I was able to lift some weights as well, so that counts as exercise. I did not get all the reps that I wanted, but I got some in!


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