Twilight Zone

A funny thing happened today. My goggles disappeared before my very eyes. One moment they were there and the next minute they were gone. I found a lap lane and set my stuff down so that I could put on my swimcap and when I went to put my goggles on, they were gone. Even if they had fallen in the water, they couldn't have gone anywhere that quickly. Thank goodness I have a crappy pair that hurts my nos in my swimbag or else I wouldn't have been able to do many laps. This just means that I will have to shell out some more bucks for a pair of goggles… sigh… working out can be expensive.

I got run yesterday with Beer Boy. We decided since he is recovering from poison ivy, that we would run the Lakeshore Greenway despite the heat. Turned out to be a good run. We ended up running the 2.1 mile loop twice with negative splits on the two laps. I am sore today from the run, since it had been 2 weeks since my last run. Listed below is it the time splits.

Split Distance Time Pace per Mile
Split 1 1.0 9:11 9:11
Split 2 1.1 10:30 9:33
Split 3 1.0 8:01 8:01
Split 4 1.1 9:57 9:03
Total 4.2 37:40 8:59


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