Back in the Pool

I made it back into the pool today at lunch. I can't say that I had an easy time being back in the water as I had a number of things not go very well for me.

The biggest thing during this swim was that my goggles were taking on water whether or not I tightened or loosened them. I think most of the laps that I did, I had water in one goggle or the other. So it was a pain in the eye for the most part.

Another problem was that since I had not done any exercise for the past 10 days, swimming 800 meters wasn't difficult, but wasn't as easy as before. I know that by weeks end, I will be back into the regular routine and perhaps try for 1600 meters again. I figured that I should keep it relaxed today and not to wear myself out. After all, I do have a 10 day old at the house.

I didn't have a chance to preregister for the Fireball 5k this Sunday, so I am not sure if I am going to do it. It would be the full $20 at this point and that 1/4 of a pair of running shoes. I might not deplete my running budget, so that I can have new shoes for Knoxville next spring, especially if I do Big South Fork and maybe Chickamauga (Nov). So we will see, Pete had offered to pay for the race, but I was slack and didn't register… I'll blame it on the kid until he is big enough to whoop me.

I may try to get a trail run in tomorrow. I'll have to call Beer Boy and see if he is ready to get in trouble again.


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