Followed by the police

But that is at the end of the entry.

Despite helping a friend with his car, I was able to meet up with Beer Boy (Marty) at Concord Park for a short run even though the temperature was at 89 degrees. Since I got there about 15 minutes early, I decided to run the wide loop (about a mile) and bring my camera to take a few pictures to show how nice it is. I realize now that I should have gotten a few pictures of the single track…duh!

Anyway, the main track was a little wet from previous rain and there was one tree downed that was in the way but still runnable. I made it back to the car and Beer Boy had shown up and was getting ready. I found a pile of keys that had been left probably accidentally on the ground in the lot. It just so happened that one of the County’s Finest was sitting in the parking lot underneath the shade, doing what… I don’t know. Anyway, I approached him to let him know that I found some keys and that I would leave them on the fence just in case someone showed up while I was running. He wasn’t exactly the friendliest of people, I must caught him in his me-time. Well, I hooked the keys up and then met Beer Boy and told him about the course conditions. I wonder now if the officer heard me talking about the course.

Math Boy: “I went around on the course, there is a downed tree in Sector 2 and some slippery spots in Sectors 4,5 and 6”
Beer Boy: “Huh, oh, okay”

So we went off and ran 3.6 miles on the trail. It was a very easy run for me. I felt good for the first half of the run. I started to get a little thirsty and slowed down some. We definitely made better than a 10 minute pace in some parts of the course. I had stashed some water on the course for us since I knew it would be hot, but at least there was plenty of shade. We voted and decided in a unanimous 2-0 decision to cut it early today and get back home instead of running the East Inner Loop.

So we made it back to the car. Muddy and yucky and thirsty. Beer Boy breaks out two bottle of his stuff from work and we start to wind down from the run. Beer Boy is wiping down his poison ivy from gardening last week with rubbing alcohol (I didn’t get it). But as we were talking we noticed a police car (the previously mentioned police car was gone) drive up to the new restaurant. Not 2 minutes later, another squad car comes in and combat parks were the previously mentioned police car had parked. When that car pulled up, we discretely concealed our beverages and broke out the water bottle. Then the car from the restaurant pulls in and parks alongside the other police car so that they could conference, I guess.

Beer boy and I talk for another 7-10 minutes, I had to take off my muddy shoes. I stretched a bit. Marty finished wiping off. I pulled out some maps of Concord Park that I had made for him. All things that shady individuals might do. We decided to go ahead and call it a day since we discussed that some law enforcement people might get a little uptight that we had some beverages on property and we also had other things to do. We decided to run again on Thursday, provided that Baby Incognito had not made an appearance yet and we were off.

Now here is where the title comes into play. As SOON as I left the parking lot, one the cops was on my tail. So I played little model citizen and used my turn signals and never really followed the speed limit. I figured that NOBODY follows the speed limit on Northshore or Concord road and that if I did drive THAT cautiously, that it would raise his suspension even more. Right when I turned onto Concord, Marty calls me to find out if the cop had followed me. I said “yep” and he informed me that his partner was behind him as well. So, Beer Boy and Math Boy were under police surveillance!!!! Jen said that when Marty and I get hang around together we do act like we are on drugs…

Here are the pictures of Concord Park

Concord Park

Main Entrance to the Trail


Concord Park
Downed Tree on the wide trail


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