first light

On Saturday, I decided that I would run in my neighborhood very early in the morning. I didn't make it out very early, nor did I stay in my neighborhood. I ended up running out of my neighborhood and up to Kingston Pike, then up to Old Colony (3 miles) then back down through the high school parking lot, around to the ATM machine where I picked up some loot to take to the yard sales. From there back to my subdivision and then home.

I had wanted to leave at 5:45, right when the first light was out but didn't make it out until 6:15. I decided that I would run for about an hour and that going out on my local long distance course would be much more entertaining than in my subdivision and the UberHill course.

[Begin PSA] If you run alone or even run with people but might be running alone, then you need wear identification. No ifs, ands or buts. In the past, I have used my drivers license with a sticky note with my phone number on it, even if I am in the neighboorhood. About 300 house and only 5 might be able to identify me. Last Spring, I spent the $20 to get a Road ID leg bracelet. It's a velcro bracelet that holds an engraved steel plate that has some limited, but important information. There are different versions, but really is a must. Actually, if you are allergic to anything, you should even run it in races, just incase you aren't conscious to alert medical professionals about any allergies. So there! [End PSA]

So I strapped on my RoadID, my MP3 players (man, I need a new one) and took off. I barely made it a mile when I stepped on something that was like a rock. I tried to dislodge it in stride, but it was in there pretty tight, so I stopped to check it out. Turns out that it was not a rock at all, but a 1/2 inch screw that was in the road. Luckily it didn't punch through the sole of the shoe, but was still rather scary… really need to get an upto date tetanus shot.

I made it out to the turn around point in 24:57 where I stopped and caught my breath. I also found a secluded spot in someone's yard because I had to relieve myself… 'runners: yeah we're a little different.' I made it back to the house in 30:53 with little fanfare other than stopping at the ATM. My whole trip wound up to be 6.6 miles which I covered in 55:50 minutes. Split details are below.

Split Time Pace (Min per Mile)
Mile 3 24:57 8:19
Mile 6.6 30:53 8:35
Total 55:50 8:28

Other good running news is that I might be able to hit the road both Tuesday and Thursday, so we will see. Thursday for sure, but maybe something good on Tuesday. Although the heat has been pretty bad, maybe a jaunt through Concord Park might be in store!

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