Nature Called and I Answered

Last night I got a chance to run at Concord park, but unfortunately by myself. It seems that Beer Boy was still in Charleston. So, I headed out on the trails equipped with a map. I was going to make sure that I knew what trails when where and also to add any new trails onto the map I had. I knew that there were a few junctions that were not included on the map and so that made it difficult.

I ended up going about 5 miles in just over 50 minutes. I ran a good chunk of new trail and had forgotten to start my stop watch back up. When I would stop to investigate a new junction or to figure out where I was, I would stop the watch and then start it back up when I began again. Except for this one time. Whoops.

I ran into a couple and their dog and one biker… other than that it was me all by my lonesome. I only stopped a few times to regain my breath and grab a drink of water. This is going to be a great run in the summer because of all the shade! It is also a pretty tough single rack course, so it will be good training for Big South Fork 17.5 mile run (Oct 1).

And another successful run with NO Poison IVY! I must sweat the Urushiol Oil off before it can get me! Terry 1 Nature 0

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