I just got finished running on the treadmill… 3.2 miles in 27:00. It was TOUGH to just make it that far, I am not conditioned to be a hamster! Crap! I mean the first 1.2 miles was set at 8:30 pace and it was all I could do to keep that pace. I had to stop the treadmill and get some water and stretch. It was bad. I managed to crank out the rest of the distance with some trouble. I ended running the last 1/2 mile at excessive speeds… the first 0.2 mile was at a 7:30 pace, then up to a 7:00 minute pace and then the last 0.2 of a mile was at a 5:30 pace! My leg rotation was OUT OF CONTROL!!!! It BAFFLES me how the Elite can run at that speed for 2 friggin' hours. I thought that my nuts and bolts were going to shake loose and I would fall apart. I survived though and it was pretty rewarding.

I am actually backing up my USB drive I call Da Kruza, it's a SanDisk 1GB USB drive and it has been over a month since I have backed it up. It holds most of my life on it as in my homemade Excel Calenders from 1997 to present, running log, jenandterry.com, Jen's Mary Kay website, my photography, video, ALL of the fonts I download (for convenience)etc. It still has 27 minutes to copy to the desktop, then I'll burn it. But I am listening to Our CD Collection, all 500+ CDs that I ripped to the computer… I use Musicmatch to store my MP3s and right now have an AutoDJ playlist of 1500 tracks. Most of them aren't worth listening to as they are Artist's “C” and “D” songs, but enough played to have me post this blog, hence the title.

The first couple of songs reminded me of when I was in Charlottesville getting my Nuclear Engineering Degree:
“Nearly Lost You” from the Singles Soundtrack
“Gett Off” by Prince – a little early for Cville AND I prefer Violet the Organ Grinder, but it was a significant song when I was there
“Tukka Yoot's Riddim” – US3 the second song off the US3 album that released Cantaloop. I went to see them with UB40 with Jo Ann Foltz and her roommate
“Down” – 311

and to boot, I am drinking some Rolling Rock I found (THANK Goodness – I need it after the run) in the downstairs fridge. Gray and I would go to Macados on the Corner where they had $2.95 Rolling Rock Pictures ALL DAY EVERY DAY. That is what I thought you paid for pitchers of beer because that is all that we drink. Can you imagine my surprise when I learned the REAL price of pitchers of beer???

Miles for May = 202.5

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