6 days and counting

Six FREAKIN' days since I have any type of exercise so to speak. With a rather important 10k on the horizon, this is not what I want to be blogging about. I would rather be telling about my mini-taper, carb-loading excitement in preparation for the race. But alas, I speaketh of my misery, woe is me.

My intention over the weekend was to get a 5 mile run in the morning of either Sat or Sun or both, if I could work it in. What actually happened was a lot of sleep. Since my only window to run at home is when Eric is asleep, I had to plan my runs in the wee-hours of morning so that I would end my run close to Eric's wake up time of 7am. Neither day did I wake up with enough time to fathom a run in time to get Eric up. I had thought that I might be able to get a run in after Eric had gone to bed on Sunday night, but we got caught up in pre-Incognito planning and so the run was shelved.

Monday rolled around and I woke up pretty early, 5:40. I should have thought to run then, but I didn't. Normally, Monday night is a weights night while I am working on the bills when Jen is making calls. No chance to workout. Maybe Tuesday, oh but wait, we learned earlier that our babysitter was not available on Tuesday, so no running with Beer Boy.

Tuesday turned out to be a beast of its own. I find that when I am under stress, I tend to eat or crave chocolate a little more than usual. By noon, I had to go to the gas station and get a King Sized Snickers which I quickly consumed. Tuesday had no exercise to it. Maybe Wednesday?

So far, nope. I had planned on running in the morning. I found out that light starts to break here right around 5:45am and so, if I ran the 5 mile loop in the 'hood, I would be finished around 6:35-6:40 with time to shower and get ready to drive into work a little late. Yeah, I woke up around 6:40. So not only did I NOT run, but I was late to work. I did manage to crank out some banana (budda-budda-budda) pancakes for Eric and banana with peanut butter chip pancakes for Jen which proved to be a hit for breakfast.

My next chance to workout was to swim at lunch. I had all my gear and was heading over to the workout place when I noticed that the aquatic center was taken over by Destination Imagination kids. Destination Imagination is a some thinking competition for kids and UT is hosting the Global Finals this week. So, they have the run of the campus. So, alas, no workie-outie at lunch. SO what does that leave me to do… run at night? not likely… well, maybe on the treadmill. Run Thursday morning? Perhaps, but when I plan it, it doesn't happen. Run Thursday night? Well, even though it would be a little close to race day, I could get an easy run under my belt. But we found out that our babysitter will not be able to make it that night, so not only do I not get to run… but I also do not get to see Carbon Leaf at Sundown in the City, for FREE.

So, we'll see if I can break 50 minutes for my Grandmother or not on Saturday Morning. It is looking pretty grim.

Damn, I need some chocolate.

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