Tuesday Musing

Not a lot happened over the weekend in terms of working out… There was the Friday swim with the olympian (see previous post). That workout was about a half mile or so in the water. Saturday was pretty much a washout. It rained for a good portion of the day and I was watching Eric as well, so unless I ran on the treadmill or it had cleared up to take him in the jogging stroller, I was focused all on him.

I am not sure why the whole workout was skipped on Sunday. I should have gone out in the neighborhood in the early morning. I guess that I was too lazy (shame on me) and before I knew it there was no chance of running at all on Sunday.

Mondays have shifted to writing a paper with one of my ex-professors during lunch, so that cancels any swimming during the day. After work I have no time because I have to get home before Eric goes to bed or else I don’t get to see him. Mondays are a household maintenance day where I catch up on bills, etc.

So today is Tuesday, it’s been 3 days and i hope to get some running in this afternoon (we have a babysitter). I am not sure how I am coming along for the Expo 10k on the 28th. I obviously have enough base that the distance is not a problem, but do I have the speed to make it under 50 minutes? Not exactly sure yet how I am going to accomplish that feat.


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