Thursday Run

It was about a Ba-zillion degrees yesterday, definitely the hottest day of the year to date. But probably won't be the hotest, those days are to come. Knowing that it would be pretty hot that day, Marty V and I decided that we should run Third Creek Greenway as opposed to say Lakeshore where the Water Treatment plant was pretty ripe. Also, the bonus with Third Creek is that a majority of it is sheltered by foliage, a true greenway.

In addition to location, I did not want to be out in the heat for very long today. Since we haven't run in the heat yet, we are not acclimated to the weather yet and could lead to some potential problems, e.g. heat stress. Plus with the heat, I imagined that it would be a harder run than normal of the beautiful weather we have had lately.

We ended up running 4.8 mile in 42:43 (8:54 pace). There were a number of people, mainly bikers on the greenway. I also saw my first snake out on the greenway. It was a black snake with some yellow trim and spots. I'll have to look it up.

I had a great run, I felt fast and had energy until the very end when the unshaded heat got to me. I sure hope that this training pace will translate into a sub 50 10k time, that is my goal.

Here are my splits:

Split Distance Split Time Pace (mile per minute)
1.3 11:25 8:45
1.1 10:10 9:15
1.1 9:57 9:03
1.3 11:11 8:37
4.8 42:43 8:54

After the run we decided to hydrate ourselves with some suds from Calhoun's after all, it is Marty's beer. I'm not sore today that I can tell and will be going swimming today at lunch.

Miles for May = 28.6
Miles for 2005 = 187.6

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